Well, it’s almost been a year since we acquired our 22-passenger party bus. We are so pleased to offer this in our lineup of party buses!

We looked high and low across the country for an amazing party bus that would meet our high standards. Hey, nothing is perfect; We don’t mind fixing a thing or two but first and foremost it must be mechanically sound. We demand a perfect frame with a mechanically sound engine. We can deal with small things when purchasing a vehicle, belts, etc. but if a vehicle has been abused or neglected, we pass. We waded through a ton of junk before finding this beauty!

We also looked for limo buses with excellent interiors, which shows us it has not been abused. We searched for a while and then found this beauty in California. We flew to California to personally inspect it to make sure it would be to our standards. We pride ourselves in providing, safe, clean, working vehicles.

After searching for a month for the right party bus and going to California for an inspection of the vehicle, we said “Yes!” So we went back to California, looked it over again, made sure everything was operational, and took it for a test drive. A California mechanic looked it over and made sure everything was in tip-top shape for the ride back to Tampa Bay Florida. Once we were cleared to go, we were out of there!

We were so excited to get this party bus back to Pinellas Park! We took the southern border passing through Palm Springs, Phoenix, El Paso, and Baton Rouge! It was a long hard four-day drive but when it pulled into it’s forever home around midnight, it was greeted with love from the staff! Yes, the staff was there at midnight jumping with joy!

We LOVE our 22-passenger party bus and we know you will too! Book early to make sure it’s available!

Compass Limo Tampa Clearwater St.-Petersburg

Out West with the 22-passenger party bus

Compass Limo Tampa Clearwater St.-Petersburg

Heading back to Tampa Bay

Compass Limo Tampa Clearwater St.-Petersburg

22 Passenger pert bus interior


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