Mother’s Day Limo

Mother’s Day Limo

Mother, Madre, Mama, Mueter. No matter how you say it, we all have only one. How do you celebrate your Mother? With flowers? Candy? Dinner? How about all of the above with a Mother’s Day Limo! She never saw that one coming!


Imagine your Mother’s delight as a stretch limousine pulls up to whisk her away to a fabulous dinner at The Capital Grille, Bascombs Chop House or The Urban Stillhouse. She will feel like royalty because she is getting the royal treatment, deservedly so!


Make sure you’re not driving to dinner and your Mother sees a limo taking someone else’s Mother to dinner that day. Secure your Mother’s special day with a limo by reserving yours today. We have a variety of limos to choose from.


We hope we have posted our notice far enough in advance because restaurants and Mother’s Day Limos are very busy on Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day Limo


Cinco de Mayo Party Bus

Cinco de Mayo Party Bus

Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s May 5, 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.
Let’s celebrate with our neighbors to the south by drinking… a lot.

When you drink, you never get behind the wheel of a car do you? No, we didn’t think so; our clients are too sharp for that. A DUI will make your life miserable so round up your friends and grab one of our awesome party busses. You know, the ones you see around town playing the cool music with the girls dancing inside.

Don’t be that car sitting next to the party bus wishing you could be in on all the fun. Choose from one of our several fun party busses and let’s go have some FUN!!!!!
We have different size party busses… how many friends do you have (no, in real life silly). All of our party busses come with a knowledgeable and fun Chauffeur, ice, bottled water, soda. You supply your own booze, and we can drive you to more booze!

Uno mas cerveza por favor! A great place to sample Mexican beers is World of Beer.

Make your reservation early as our party busses book quickly for Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo Party Bus

Keeping Limo Prices Down

Keeping Limo Prices Down

Keeping Limo Prices Down is becoming harder now days. The price of everything from housing and food have gone up. It’s quite maddening actually.  And of course, we are all feeling the pinch at the pump. On March 14, 2022 ABC Action News aired a report of the rising gas prices in the Tampa Bay area. In this report Sarah Hollenbeck interviews local businesses such as Hubbard’s Marina and of course Compass Limo owner Joe Prestipino! If you have ever wondered what the face behind the voice on our phone looks like, now’s your chance to see!

At Compass Limo on Park Boulevard in Pinellas Park, Joe Prestipino is paying more to fill up his limos and party buses. Yet, business is picking up post-COVID and for now, it’s enough to offset the high fuel costs.

“There’s only so much you can do but we do what we can and I don’t want to raise prices too much, I still want people to have a good time,” he elaborated.

Tourism business owners told ABC Action News that good times will roll despite the gas price toll.

Compass Limo is keeping limo prices down as much as they can in order to retain customers and acquire new ones. Do we raise our prices? Yes, we do. Do we raise them often? No, we don’t. Do we make a radical price change? No, we do not; we try to keep our pricing as low as possible. Our prices are clearly listed on our web site. We are very transparent in our pricing. It’s hard to find other limo companies that list their prices right on their web site.


For the full ABC Action News story and to see owner Joe Prestipino, click the video below.



St. Patrick’s Day Party Bus

Drinking Day is Quickly Approaching!

You need a St. Patrick’s Day Party Bus! So you’re going to go drink all the green beer you possibly can on St. Patrick’s Day. You weren’t thinking of drinking and driving were you? Nah, you know better than that! We are here to make sure you can hop from bar to bar in a safe and fun manner. Grab your friends and make it an event! The party will continue between bars! See our fleet page for the different party busses and limousines to choose from. Reserve soon before our fleet gets booked!

It’s easy to stay safe on the road when we are doing the driving! We will pick you and your friends up and go over to MacDinton’s, Mary Margaret’s Olde Irish Tavern, or Finley’s Irish Pub! Once you and your friends are done drinking all the green beer you can handle, we will safely get you back home! Easy-peasy!

Taking a St. Patrick’s Day Party Bus is the smartest thing you can do. The police will be out in force because they know that many folks will be drinking. Some folks take their chances by drinking and driving. Getting a party bus costs way less than a DUI!

Valentines Day Limo Service

Make This Valentines Day One Your Honey Will Never Forget

Get a Valentines Day limo! Make this Valentines Day super special by reserving one of our elegant limousines! What’s more romantic than a couple toasting their love with champagne in the back of the limo!  Do you want the limo to be a surprise? Our chauffeurs will work with you by hiding around the corner until you give them the signal to pull up. Reserve early, we get a huge call for limos on Valentines Day!

There’s nothing more romantic than a stretch limo pulling up to your house on Valentine’s Day to surprise your loved one! Our experienced chauffeurs will work with you and keeping it a surprise by pulling up the moment you tell them to. We have a large fleet of vehicles to choose from for your special day. Make sure to book soon to get the vehicle you want.

The romance starts with a limo and continues to a nice restaurant such as Bern’s Steak House, Ocean Prime, or the very intimate Ciro’s Speakeasy.

After dinner your Valentines Day Limo can continue on for a moonlit stroll on the beach! What could be more romantic? Maybe you’d like a nice drive out to the Skyway bridge to soak in all its majesty at night when it’s lit up?  No matter what your plans, it all starts with the perfect limo for the perfect night.

Gasparilla Party Bus – Matey!

Calling All Land Lubbers!

Get a Gasparilla Party Bus! Are you ready for Gasparilla? We know that we sure are! The rum will be pouring freely so don’t get caught drinking and driving. Round up ye mates and let us handle the transportation for you! Don’t let the fun end on a bad note with a DUI. No need to fight traffic and drive around for hours looking for parking, we’ve got you covered. We have a variety of limos and party busses to suit any size crew ye may have! Call us today to reserve your ride because they go fast for this awesome event!

We have many varieties to choose from when you are seeking a Gasparilla party bus, check out our fleet.

Climb onboard one of our party buses with all the rum you can bring! You can party all the way to and all the way from all the fun! You can’t do that in your car! Well, not safely and legally. And most certainly not with several of your friends!

Our friendly and experienced chauffeurs will get you as close to the action as possible. The bus will be waiting for you upon your return! It’s the only way to do Gasparilla!

New Years Eve Limo

Book NOW For Your New Years Eve Limo!

We see it every year; someone calls on New Years Eve, or the day before wanting a limousine. New Years Eve is the biggest limo night of the year! If you want a limousine or party bus for New Years Eve, you need to book it as soon as possible to ensure that you will have one!

Check out the wide variety of limos and party buses we have on our fleet page.

There are plenty of awesome New Years parties around the Tampa Bay area such as; Jacksons Bistro, Club Prana, and Shephard’s to name a few.

Have you ever wondered why you see so many limos on the road on New Years Eve? It’s because people know they will be celebrating by drinking that night. It’s a great night to be popped for drinking and driving. The police are out in full force knowing most people drink that night. Don’t get a DUI! If you think a limousine or party bus is expensive, you will find it is way cheaper than getting a DUI. Don’t take chances! Your limo or party bus can be very affordable if everyone pitches in for the cost.

Christmas Party Limo!

Christmas Party Limo – Ride in Style – We’ll Go That Extra Mile!

When you are going to and from your Christmas Party, let Compass Limos do the driving! How can you have fun and drink if you have to drive? Don’t risk getting a DUI before Christmas! We have a large assortment of vehicles to fit your needs. Check out our fleet page to find the perfect limo for your needs! Let’s get you to and from your Christmas party safely and in style in a Christmas Party Limo.

We also do Christmas Lights tours. We know where the best lit neighborhoods are at. So sit back relax, have a few drinks and leave the driving to us! Hot cocoa or adult libations, the choice is yours!

There are awesome Christmas light displays in the Tampa Bay area at Largo Central Park, Florida Botanical Gardens and the Lights of Lake Park. These are just a few places that we know. We can also go to specific sites that you request.

Whether you want to walk among the Christmas lights or drive through the lights, our chauffeurs know all the hot spots! We find that doing walk throughs in conjunction with drive throughs provide the most fun for our passengers.

Thanksgiving Limo! Lets Us Drive!

Don’t be a Turkey and Drink and Drive – Get a Thanksgiving Limo!

When it comes to taking your family to and from Thanksgiving dinner, arrive in style with one of our party busses or limos! You will be able to kick back and relax not having to worry about drinking and driving. How good could Thanksgiving be if you ended up in jail at the end of the night? The average cost of a DUI is $10,000! Let us take care of the driving and that will be the one thing you don’t have to worry about!

The best way to transport a large family group on the holidays is to get a Thanksgiving limo or party bus. Whether you are drinking or not, this is the most convenient way to move groups of people. If you are drinking, you most certainly don’t want to be on the roads! Check out our variety of limos and party buses on our fleet page.

Limos and party buses cost way less than a DUI, it’s the smart way to travel when you know you would like to have a drink or two.

Oh hey, don’t forget to sneak a piece of bird to your driver!

Tampa Super Bowl Transportation

Tampa Super Bowl Transportation

Super Bowl LV is in Tampa Florida this year and we have the perfect party transportation for you! Are you going to the game? If not, maybe you’re going to watch the game at one of the many sports bars in our area. Maybe you’re going to a Super Bowl party to watch the big game.

No matter how you watch the game, make sure to get there safely in one of our party busses or limousines. You and all of your friends can enjoy a few beers before the game in any of our vehicles. It’s the safest most efficient way to transport your group to the stadium, bar or party. We will get you there and back and to all point in between!

We have a limited number of limos and party busses, so make sure to reserve yours right away before they’re all gone! Choose your vehicle from our FLEET and call (727) 487-3701.

Make sure to “Know before you go.” If you are planning on attending the game in person, check out the Raymond James Stadium rules and regulations before you go. You don’t want to have to march back to the party bus because you have a bag or don’t have a mask.

For more information about Super Bowl LV in Tampa visit

For more information on Super Bowl parties, visit Eventbrite