Your Name
Captain Bruce

How long have you been a professional Chauffeur?
19 years

How did you become a Chauffeur?
At the age of 36, I could no longer deny my passion for entertainment. So I went to school, earned my class A CDL and all the endorsements, and began a life of entertainment.

What’s your approach to providing excellent customer service?
Adapt and overcome in all situations. Every charter has different perimeters and different expectations, contact your customers and lift them up. Reassure them what a great time it’s going to be and how excited you are to serve them and that it’s a genuine honor and a privilege to do so. Make sure you’re dressed perfectly and then simply provide a perfect experience for the customer and whatever situation their charter consists of. Everything will be different every time. You must be prepared, have excellent communication skills, and enjoy making people happy. It takes a real servant’s heart.

What steps do you take to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the vehicle?
Make sure everything’s perfect, all the ice chests are full, the car is clean, and your suit is perfect. Get fired up and provide the best experience possible for the customer as they go on about their activities. Clean the vehicle and get everything organized, clean up all the garbage, wipe everything down, and just make a perfect experience for your customer. Adapt and overcome in all situations, make the experience perfect for the client no matter what happens. Adapt and overcome to make it work.

How do you ensure punctuality for scheduled pickups and drop-offs?
I personally found out that it’s good to take off at least 30 minutes ahead of what the GPS says. In case you encounter accidents or complications you’ll have plenty of time to overcome the situation and still get there on time. And of course keep the customer advised about travel times so they don’t lose track of time and always be open to overtime. Lots of customers like to extend their trips. Look ahead of everything that can go wrong adapt and overcome, keep everyone advised on travel times. Carefully plan out the trip.

If someone wanted to become a Chauffeur, what advice would you give them?
Being a chauffeur and working in the entertainment industry requires a specific mindset you must want to serve people and make them happy. You must be a person with a servant’s heart, you have to love people. Adapt and overcome when an issue comes up. You have to be the one that fixes it and make everybody happy. Remember half of your income is tips, cash in hand, you have to earn it. You have to make their experience perfect so if you have the mentality of making everyone else happy then you’ll do just fine as a chauffeur. You’re going to need some really nice black suits you’re going to have to be dressed absolutely perfect all the time and you’re going to have to entertain people in all situations. You have to be quick, smart, entertaining. You have to be able to make people’s experiences perfect whatever the situation consists of. Random difficulties will come up but most of them can be overcome quite easily.

People always think Chauffeurs have great stories, do you have a great story you can share?
My life has been one great adventure after another, no shortage of stories here but they’re all true, they’re all real experiences of my life. And of course you adapt and overcome to any subject matter that the customer has or that they find appealing and you can build stories around that. But for me personally I’ve lived such an adventurous life I get more real experiences that are true. Adventures and experiences that are quite entertaining. But I do adapt to situations and respond to the customer’s interest and of course you know move forward in whatever subject matter they are into at that point in time. Cater to your customers mindset whatever is on their mind to follow their thought process in determining how to respond in all situations.

What is the most common question you hear from clients?
Can you stop at a bar? Can you stop at the liquor store? Can we add extra stops?  Can you find a restroom? Can you take us to the grocery store? Many clients will change their plans or just randomly tell you where to go. So there’s quite a few situations that will come up and you simply have to adapt and overcome whatever the customer chooses that they want. Sometimes it can be quite random, you just have to be prepared, stay calm and focused, and get the job done to make the customer happy.

If you weren’t a Chauffeur, what would you be?
Well that’s a big subject right there! I’m wide open to anything! I’m quite the Jack of many trades and capabilities so I’m pretty open in that area. Let’s just go with whatever makes the most money. I have so many employment capabilities however entertainment is my passion.

What do you like to do when you are not working as a Chauffeur?
Pursue the peace, love, and grace of God, in the personal friendship offered through our Christ Jesus. Spiritual growth and everything else in life that we do to keep life moving in a forward and positive productive direction.

Additional comments
Working in the entertainment industry is unique, you have to have that right personality. You have to be a servant to the people that are hiring your service. Be perfectly dressed in really nice suits with cologne. You have to be perfect, you have to look perfect, you have to be able to adapt and overcome in all situations. You’re responsible for making a customer’s experience perfect, for making them never forget what a good time they’ve had and everything you did to make it all work out. Good communication; clients count on you to handle random situations that come up. You have to be prepared.