When you think of a Corporate Bus… do you think of rows of seating, such as a city bus? It’s time to UP your corporate game. Our buses have limo style seating which means your company group can sit in a semi-circle and discuss business on your trip.


THIS IS THE WOW FACTOR! Most Corporate Bus groups expect the city bus style seating. Every time we have had a corporate group, the clients “Ooh and Ahh” and have a fantastic time!


Yes, our buses are geared for the party, night-life scene… but the busses are fantastic for Corporate Bus outings! We turn off the music and the party lights (unless you want it). You are more than welcome to bring additional drinks (we supply water, soda and cups) – what charter bus does that? And you are more than welcome to bring food/munchies on the bus.

Corporate Bus Outings

Corporate Bus Service

Our party/limo buses are not just for nightlife they can also be used as a Corporate Bus. Our friends at Smith & Associates hire us for their real estate tours! They loved our 22 passenger bus and we will be seeing them again soon! Our busses are perfect for transporting employees and corporate outings such as this one.

Our limo busses are great for corporate outings. Your group can sit in a semicircular fashion so that it is easier to talk as a group. Our busses are better if your group is bringing food or drinks onto the bus. It’s harder to do these things in a boring passenger bus with rows of seats. Our friends at Smith & Associates are just one such group that knows they have more fun in a limo bus! They call us every year for their real estate tour and we are looking forward to hearing from them again!

We have 20, 22, 27, and 38 passenger buses. Hire one or hire all the buses for your group. Employees will be delighted when one of our party busses shows up! We hear the “Ohhhs” and “Ahhhs” all the time, and we love it!